• Yoglates combines yoga, Pilates and cardiovascular training. This unique method provides a total body workout by strengthening, stretching and toning a wide variety of muscles groups. In addition to traditional yoga poses and Pilates movements, you'll experience squats, burpees, push ups, crunches and other fun cardio-challenging exercises. It's an all-in-one, one-of-a-kind full body workout! 


  • The studio remains heated at 90 degrees for all classes. The heat and humidity enhances the workout by increasing the heart rate, lengthening and toning lean muscle and ridding the body of toxins. 


  • Our members are all ages, shapes, and sizes. Men, women, students, senior citizens and collegiate and professional athletes all embrace the challenges of our fitness method.


  • Receive all the benefits of exercise with stress relief, increase in core strength, increase in mobility, and a toned, lean body.


See you soon on your mat!



Yoglates currently offers a wide range of class options to challenge the body and mind all in our heated 90 degree studio.
  • Yoglates - the original hot yoga of BR - Routines incorporate the proper breathing, posture and poses of yoga; the short reps and muscle tone of Pilates; and cardiovascular movements  for an all out workout! This class changes weekly to offer variety to different muscle groups and always remains challenging.
  • Beat - our weekly routine set to a fun playlist. It provides a challenge to keep with the beat of the music. 
  • Inferno - A “High-Intensity Interval training”-inspired workout. 45 minutes of high-energy moves to get that heart beating and the calories burning!
  • Power Stretch - Power Stretch is a 45-minute class that emphasizes low impact movements and dynamic stretching. Giving the body time to stretch and recover is key to a balanced fitness regimen. Calm music, candlelight and cool spa towels makes this a class you don't want to miss. 
  • Hot Mat Pilates - Our certified mat Pilates instructor leads you through a more traditional mat pilates class while still providing a yoglates spin. Hot Mat Pilates comprises traditional pilates breathing, rep counts, and movements to give you an intense workout.
  • Trifecta - you get the best of 3 in this 45 minute class! This class is divided into 3 sections - 15 minutes of cardiovascular/HIIT, 15 minutes of the weekly routine and an intense Ab Lab to finish off the class. A member favorite! 

Seasonal Enrollment Options
Our studio also offers seasonal specialty classes. Information and updates for those are provided on our social media. Past series have included a “Burn It Up” boot camp and “Set Your Intention” vinyasa flow series.